For a long time I traveled the world with my family, lived for a long time in different countries. I was puzzled by the study of wildlife and the role of humans in it. 

I always took a photo of myself in nature, went into tests and performances, capturing the most vivid experience of interaction with cold, heat, danger and fears in the form of posts on Instagram. Now I am writing a book about this stage of my life.

At a certain moment I realized that I was moving along the road of critical tests from which the body began to suffer. Therefore, I decided to rethink my life and since 2020 I have been working with multi self-portraits and multi-portraits of other people.

Now, the process of my creation is a delayed mirror through which I see different sides of my personality. I keep creating these works in sterile conditions of the wild.

My body becomes a brush that paints in space, and then I observe how my personalities communicate with each other.

The super idea of ​​my creativity is to awaken in myself the skill not to let in the forces of darkness, gloom and despondency and to create only with kindness and love.



My heart is open to collaboration with other authors.