JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai

11-12 Oct, 2021

Unambiguously, technology provides new opportunities and blows up the brain, opening up new forms for creativity. It happened to me too.

In April 2021 I learned about NFT and it was an important moment.

The exhibition in Dubai is already the second event of the NFT BAZL brand. I am glad to take part in this event and present 2 of my works, which were specially created for NFT BAZL.

Know more at the NFT BAZL website

Specially created works for NFT BAZL

«My Dear Whirlpool», 2021

This is my family. No matter how different we are, we always care about each other.

I want everyone who looks at this work to want to smile. With this work, I glorify our life!


Reserve Price 5,100 USD
Edition of 1



«Evolution leap», 2021

This work is about a moment that every person has lived at least once.

About the moment when everyone around is watching the evolutionary leap of a certain person.


Reserve Price 2,040 USD
Edition of 1



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